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About Us

Our Mission is to bring Glory to God the ministry of educating individuals at the undergraduate and graduated levels of concentration. Subsequently, the ultimate goal of our faculty and educators is to introduce and develop in each of our scholars, strong cognitive thinking, exploring the context of biblical revelation through Jesus Christ and the conceptual systems of those who have introduced and developed them.


Our Ecclesiastical  Order designed to produce a firm analytical and synthetic system of study in the Apostolic Foundation and an experiential exploratory research in prophetic inspiration, both of which are ordained of God. It is also, our endeavor to help each scholar meet the specific certifications and degree program requirements. With Jesus Christ being the author and finisher of our faith, the Ecclesia University of Divinity, International, proclaims a high quality and comprehensive learning institute that services the local, state, national, and global communities.

To fulfill its mission the Ecclesia University of Divinity offers degrees and education programs for student to achieve the following objectives.


University Objectives

1. Prepare professional leaders and staff for ministerial positions in the local church, such as preaching,  teaching, temple ministries, youth, education, music, deaf, discipleship, and administration.
2. Prepare individuals for world-wide missions and cross cultural evangelism.
3. Prepare workers who, regardless of their occupation, will serve and provide vitality in the local church, such as elders, deacons, teachers, youth leaders, worship leaders, committee, and church planting team members.
4. Contribute to the development of professional leaders, and staff for positions in Para-church organizations, Example: teachers, administrators, and staff for Christian Schools, camps, day care centers, colleges, and seminaries, nursing homes and retirement villages, publishing companies and campus ministries.
5. Encourage and prepare students to be life-long learners.
6. Develop the whole person, physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

The purpose of the Ecclesia is stated as “teaching and traning ministers who will be rapture ready and who will be ture to Jesus Christ and the Word of God.” In addition to offering of this awesome program of study, it is extended to “all, who desire… to be better Christians  and to be able to render more and better service to Jesus Christ, the church, the United States, and Worldwide.

Throughout the seasons this university has experienced both growth and change. But it has never changed its purpose, and it remains committed to the mission for which it was originally called into existence.


Curriculum Resources

1. Undergraduate Degree Programs

Bachelor of Christian Counseling, Bachelor of Christian Education, Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Administration and Organization, Bachelor of Ministry-Ecclesiastical

2. Graduate Degree Programs

Master of Divinity, Master of Theology, Master of Christian Counseling, Master of Administration and Organization, Master of Ministry-Ecclesiastical, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Christian Education, Doctor of Christian Counseling, Doctor of Administration and Organization, Doctor of of Ministry-Ecclesiastical

3. Curriculum Requirements

    1. Associates Degree: 110 Credit Units – Includes CORE study requirements

Apostolic Doctrine I-II, General Bible Knowledge/Prayerology, Bible Outline (Old Testament) The Tabernacle/The Power of Unity, Electives/Dispensations & Covenants/Spiritual Warefare, Independent Studies/Scriptural Hermeneutics I/Thesis, English Composition I/Public Speaking

    2. Bachelors Degree: 178 Credit Units – Includes CORE study requirements

Hermeneutics/Homiletics/Ethics/Administration/Church Reformation, Bible Outline (New Testament)/ Church History/Scriptural Empowerment, Electives/Research Papers/Reports/Leadership/Research Fundamentals, Theology I-IV Systematic Theology: Epistles of Paul/Hewbrews/Revelations, Independent Studies/ Ecclesiology/Christian Counseling/Thesis, Gifted and Talented Protfolio Assessment

    3. Masters Degree: 86 Credit Units – Includes CORE study requirements

Advanced Biblical  Studies/Psychology/Thelolgy/Soteriology/Etymology/Theocratic/Government/Pneumatology/Christology/Harmatology/Eschatology/Ecclesiology, Directed Independent Studies/Christian Counseling Skills, Therapy, Practicum, Resume Evaluation/Internship/Evangelism,Thesis Preparation

    4. Doctoral Degree: 116 Credit Units

Advanced Studies: Research: Dead Sea Scrolls/Doctrine of predestination/Fundamentals of Biblical Languages/Millennial Age/Scriptural Hermeneutics III, Detailed Resume Evaluation, Dissertation, Seminars and Symposiums, Internship


Personal Enrichment Curriculum

I: Non Certificated Programs

Ministerial & Licensure, Christian Leadership, Christian Growth & Assimilation, Personal Enrichment Seminars & Workshops, Internship

II: Certificate Program

Administration & Organization, Entrepreneurship, Computer Application, Professional and Personal Development, Christian Education

III: Professional Development and Personal Enrichment Program

Adult basic Education, GED High School, College Preparation, Reading Literacy, Financial Literacy, Goal Setting, Interview Techniques, Resume Writing, Time Management, Interpersonal Communication.


Ministerial Academia of Excellence Curriculum

Ecclesiastical Development-Biblical Studies, Ministerial Ethics, Theology, Divinity,Church History, Psychology, Philosophy, Counseling, Administration, Organization and operations, and Inter-cultural Studies.

Example of Ministerial Development, Licensure Perspectives and Effective Training Modules

1. Genesis Ministries – Novice: Soteriology, Biblical Knowledge,The Four Gospels, General View Old and New Testament, Discipleship, Leadership, Ethology I: Salvation, Ethics, Calling and Divine Purpose, The Servant, Attributes of the body of Christ: Love, Forgiveness, Atonement, Regeneration, Predestination, Sanctification, Glorification, Resurrection, Holiness and Righteousness, Language Arts Development: Writings, Public Speaking and Reading Comprehensive Strategies, Pentecostalism, Prayer, Praise, and Giving, Theology – the Study of One God, and Lifestyle of Ministers: Highly effective habits, Prayer and Consecration.

2. Licensure Perspectives – Local: Christ I,II, Doctrine of Jesus Christ: The Lion and the Lamb, Ethology II: Ministerial Ethics, The Pentateuch: The Laws of God, Etymology – Study of Works and Languages, Dispensations and Covenants, Old Testaments History, Old Testament Poetry, New  Testament Foundational Doctrine books (Acts), New Testament Instructional Doctrine books, (Epistles of Paul and General Epistles), The Dynamics of Leadership, Fundamental Practicums and Procedures of Pastoral help – Order of Service, Congregational Devotion, Weddings, Funerals, Baby Blessings and Anointing, Taskforce and Altar Work, Scriptural Hermeneutic, Pulpit Decorum, Teaching and Preaching Practicums, Homelitics, and Spiritual Warefare.

3. Licensure Perspectives – State: Apologetic Oneness Theology, Philosophy and Regligion, Pneumatology, Homelitics, Scriptural Hermeneutic and Exegetical Methods, Effecttive Christian Counseling, Church Goverment – Things that be ordained by God, Church Reformation, Holy Ghost Empowerment, The Power of Unity, Office of Prophet and False Prophet Studies, The Hebrew Nation: The Righteous Seed of God, Ecclesiology, Church History, The Kingdom of Heaven – twelve Parables vs Seven Church Periods of Revelation, Etymology, Eschatology I – Last Days and Final Events, Biblical Languages, Covenants and the Kingdom Age: the last order, the Ages regulating human life on the earth and the Eternal State, Including Restoration and Conversion of the Jews.

4. Ordained and Ranking official Perspectives – National Recognitions: Eschatology II, Former and Latter Rain, Apocalytic Literature – Daniel and Revelation, Phenomenology – Study of the Conscience, Heart, and Self Awareness, Philosophical Theology – Love of wisdom vs. Love of God, Apocalypse, The Great Tribulation, Psychology: Counseling, Discipline, and Restoration, Denominations and World Systems, The Rapture and Beyond, Rehabilitation and Fellowship with God.