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The Ecclesia University of Divinity’s Accrediting Umbrella: Is accredited by the Accrediting Commission International, “ACI” for schools, Colleges, and theological seminars; and is charted to grant certificates, diplomas, and degrees upon qualified candidates who have successfully completed the college requirements for their prescribed programs of study. It is through these endorsements that the Ecclesia is given authority to do the same.


Areas of Concentration:  Begins with the fundamentals of practical education processing, moving upward to gradual increase and advancement in academic ministries, through an analytical and synthetic system of religious studies.  Focus: To offer higher learning beyond the high school level of education. The Ecclesia specifically is establish to educate and develop those who are in ministerial training or those whose aspirations are directed towards licensure, ordination, and certificates; in addition, temple ministry practicums, and teacher training curriculum programs are provided. More professional programs are provided for those achieving degrees in socialized career fields.


Areas of Concentration: College of Christian Education, College of Administration and Organization, College of Theology, College of Divinity, College of Christian Counseling, College of Ministry, College of Bible Language, College of Sacred Music/Performing Arts


Course Number Course Title Concentration Degree
CED 1001 Bible Introduction-PAW License Christian Education A-B
CED 1002 Bibliology Christian Education A-B
CED 1003 Christian Leadership Christian Education A-B-M
CED 1004 Christology I Christian Education A-B-M
CED 1005 Church History Christian Education A-B-M
CED 1006 General Bible Knowledge Christian Education A-B
CED 1007 Ethology: Ministerial Ethics Christian Education A-B
CED 1008 Old Testament Survey Christian Education A-B
CED 1009 Pentateuch: Laws of God Christian Education A-B-M
CED 1010 Prophets: Major/Minor Christian Education A-B
CED 1011 Public Speaking Christian Education A-B
CED 1012 New Testament Survey Christian Education A-B
CED 1013 Soteriology – Salvation Christian Education A-B-M
THEO 2001 Apologetic Theology Theology B-M
THEO 2020 Anthropology/Anthropomorphism Theology B-M-D
THEO 2003 Ecclesiology I & II Theology B-M
THEO 2004 Eschatology III Theology B-M
THEO 2005 Etymology Theology B-M-D
THEO 2030 Hermeneutic I & II Theology B-M-D
THEO 2007 Introduction to Theology Theology B-M
THEO 2008 Office of Prophets:    True/False Theology B-M
THEO 2040 Pentecostalism Theology B-M
THEO 2050 Phenomenology Theology B-M
THEO 2051 Philosophy Theology B-M
THEO 2052 Pneumatology I & II Theology B-M-D
THEO 2053 Harmatiology/Spiritual Warfare Theology B-M-D
THEO 2014 Ministry of Reconciliation/Restoration Theology B-M
THEO 2015 Theocratic Government Theology B-M-D
THEO 2016 Theology: Study of One God Theology B-M
EUOD Course Listings
All Courses are (3) Credit Units unless otherwise stated
Course Number Course Title Concentration Degree
DIV 3001 Apocalyptic Literature Divinity M-D
DIV 3002 Apocalypse: The Great Tribulation Divinity B-D
DIV 3003 Acts: Foundational Book Divinity B-M-D
DIV 3004 Age and Dispensations Divinity B-M-D
DIV 3005 Bible Languages: Greek & Hebrew Divinity M-D
DIV 3006 Church Reformation Divinity B-M
DIV 3007 Dispensations and Covenants Divinity B-M
DIV 3008 Former and Latter Rain Divinity B-M
DIV 3009 Godhead Divinity B-M-D
DIV 3010 Hebrew Nation, “A Nomen Appelativum” Divinity M-D
DIV 3011 Ministry of Reconciliation/Restoration Divinity B-M
DIV 3012 Oneness, Apologetic Theology Divinity B-M-D
DIV 3013 Predestination, Sanctification, Glorification Divinity B-M
DIV 3014 Scriptural Hermeneutics I, II, III Divinity B-M-D
DIV 3015 Spiritual Warfare I, II, III Divinity B-M
DIV 3016 Theocratic Government Divinity B-M-D
DIV 3017 The Millennium Divinity M-D
DIV 3018 The Tabernacle Divinity M-D
CCC 4001 Anger   Management Christian Counseling B-M
CCC 4022 Biblical   Counseling Christian Counseling B-M
CCC 4002 Christian Counseling: Rehabilitation Christian Counseling B-M
CCC 4003 Characteristics of an Effective Counsel Christian Counseling B-M
CCC 4004 Christian Pastorate Christian Counseling B-M-D
CCC 4005 Counseling Theory &Techniques Christian Counseling B-M
CCC 4006 Dealing with Difficult People Christian Counseling B-M-D
CCC 4007 Dynamics of Family Counseling Christian Counseling B-M-D
CCC 4008 Dynamics of Leadership Christian Counseling B-M-D
CCC 4009 Effective Christian Counseling: Practicum’s Christian Counseling B-M
CCC 4010 Ethology: Ministerial Ethics Christian Counseling B-M-D
CCC 4011 Introduction to Counseling Christian Counseling B-M
CCC 4012 Individual and Group Dynamics Christian Counseling B-M
CCC 4013 Innovative Approaches to Problem Solving Christian Counseling B-M
CCC 4014 Marriage Enrichment: Counselors Training Christian Counseling B-M-D
CCC 4015 Ministerial Counseling: Multi Cultural Behavior Christian Counseling B-M-D
CCC 4016 Pastoral Counseling Christian Counseling B-M-D
CCC 4017 Phenomenology: Heart/Conscience Christian Counseling M-D
CCC 4018 Principles of Leadership Christian Counseling B-M-D
CCC 4019 Psychology I & II Christian Counseling B-M
CCC 4020 Reality Therapy: Abuse/Addiction Christian Counseling B-M
CCC 4021 Spiritual Warfare Christian Counseling B-M